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Meet Me in the Middle (East)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Updates and Apologies

To everyone who has been waiting for my latest ramblings and updates on the world as viewed through my dusty window by the sea in Beirut...sorry! I have several blog entries I am dying to write churning around in my head. Time is passing so quickly I hardly know what to do and I plead overworked exhaustion and chaos as my excuses for lapsing on posts.

My two excuses. Work has been insanely busy as my two projects have decided to crescendo simultaneously, thanks to the project in southern Lebanon being pushed back. We have been down in Nabatieh the last two weekends doing a training-of-trainers in time for the official project launch and student arrivals on April 7 (yes that was last Friday). Nicely combined with the YouthCaN project, which culminates in an annual conference that is MONDAY. Both programs are really interesting and exciting (and exhausting).

Added on to that is the fact that I still have a few small details including one project and assorted paperwork to complete to finish up my MA.

If you're really interesting in my work projects, I have started a second blog that is linked through the office website. It is at prairie.wecblogs.org.

Other updates I hope to be writing more about some time or just fun stories I want to share:

*Driving in the craziest floods I have EVER experienced. In bumper-to-bumper traffic. After a 10-hour day of work. On a Saturday. I even saw the car in front of us float!

*Adventures in the Bekaa Valley. Wineries. Newly invented beverages. Distinct wines. Cozy fire and delicious food. Wine cellars and behind-the-scenes tours. Roman ruins and the never-ending flow of delicious food.

*Working in Nabatieh. All my new friends and trainers. A few comments on the concept of 'time' and lessons in Arabic, understanding and learning through experience.

*Only one run-in with the Lebanese Army. But my advice. Carry ID. All the time. (but only if you're male, women need not worry).

*Speaking in Arabic (two whole sentances!) On stage. In front of hundreds of kids.